G Love KRAVE JERKY Airstream Acoustic Tour LIC Landing by COFFEED 8-21-2017

KRAVE JERKY Airstream Acoustic Tour
LIC Landing by COFFEED

On a simply wonderful Monday afternoon in LIC preceding the #solareclipse2017The Music Matters was able to treat themselves to a unique free event. Using his musical musings to promote Krave and their delectable edible products (which all attendees were able to sample) was none other than Garret Dutton, better known to us as G Love, leader of G. Love & Special Sauce, Entertaining us with favorites from his prolific catalog known for it’s unique blend of Alternative, Blues and Hip Hop, he responded to a heartily demanded encore with an impassioned medley that featured Little Walter’s My Baby (A Music Matters fav).

Special kudos and thanks to music curator Pamnation for cluing this blogger to the event.

More on G Love & Special Sauce – http://philadelphonic.com/



G Love III



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