Sunshine Riot at Lantern Hall Brooklyn NY 8-18-2017

The Music Matters went to Brooklyn, to see a band from Boston (say that three times fast). Recommended by music promoter/curator Pamnationthese guys did not disappoint. They rock hard with the following personnel Jonny O. – rhythm guitar /vocals with Steven Beats – drums,Jeffrey Sullivan – bass/ vocals and Mark Tetreault – lead guitar. Powerful, yet playful they stormed through their set in what some have described as Johnny Cash meets Kurt Cobain. This blogger heard that and everything in between. The Music Matters urges all lovers of Country/Rock/Blues/Punk to follow them on social media, see them on tour, invite them into your home for beers and to rock your town accordingly

More info on them:

More info on The Music Matters:

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Band IBand IIMerch II

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The Music Matters

I'm a music passionista (Yes that's a word, if not it should be)first then musician (bass guitarista ). This site is to encourage people to seek and enjoy recorded and live music. I work from the positive so, this is more informative and documentary than critical. None of the comments have been solicited nor compensation made for by the artists or other entities. Everything is from the heart. Feel free to comment, contact and of course suggest.

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