Wild Adriatic, The Vegabonds, RIIZA Garcia’s at the Capitol Theater 8-17-2017

Wild Adriatic
The Vegabonds
Garcia’s at the Capitol Theater

The Music Matters was beyond thrilled to attend this triple header of live music last evening. Garcia’s as part of the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY was appropriately crowded with numerous fans anxiously awaiting to see these three bands when we arrived. First up was the hard rocking RIIZA. The band features Ari Perakis on vocals,Justin Giacchetto on guitar, Sean LeVeille on Drums with Wilson Yarnall on bass. Young, and filled with energy, the foursome fresh off their performance at the 2017 Pleasantville Music Festival ‘s main stage, certainly set the bar for the evening. Well schooled in Classic Rock they displayed intense musicianship and showed optimism for a bright future ahead.

More on RIIIZA – https://www.facebook.com/bandriiza/

Next up, new to The Music Matter’s ears were pride of Nashville, The Vegabonds. This quintet features Daniel Allen on vocals/guitar, Bryan Harris on drums., Richard Forehand on guitar/slide/pedal steel/vocals, Paul Bruens on bass with Beau Cooper on keys/vocals. The Vegabonds are veterans of three European tours and have also recorded three full length albums. While the band describes themselves as “New South Rock” one could certainly say they are true Americana and definitely Rock & Roll. A highlight for this blogger was their cover of The Charlie Daniels Band Long Haired Country Boy.

More on The Vegabonds – http://thevegabonds.com/

Last up, bringing the already hot stage to a fiery cauldron were established Music Matters favorites Wild Adriatic (photo credit Jason B).The group features Travis Gray on vocals/guitar Rich Derbyshire on bass with Mateo Vosganian on drums. Brought to the attention of The Music Matters earlier this year by music promoter/curator Pamnation this trio is a perfect blend of of Rock & Soul. To fully comprehend their unique blend, we highly recommend their latest album “Feel” as a staple for your turntable and a must on your Spotify playlist. The undeniable stage appeal of this band make them a must see on tour.

More on Wild Adriatic – http://www.wildadriatic.com/

More on The Music Matter – https://musicmakeslifematter.com/


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WIld Adriatic by Jason Blackson

Band I

Band I

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