Night Spins Pick Up Dates To Support Rainbow Kitten Surprise on Spring 2019 Tour

#TheMusicMatters has been #radiosilent way too long. However today, we got news of something so incredible we could not keep quiet any longer. This blogger has made no secret of their love for Rainbow Kitten Surprise. Not only are they one of the fastest rising indie bands on the scene right now but, we’ve also enjoyed how intensely they curate their support groups. This particular announcement hit close to home as #RKS chose Night Spins to support them on nine dates of the upcoming #Spring2019 tour. These will include May 24th at White Eagle Hall as well as the Wilmington,Asheville, and Raleigh dates where RKS will be raising #relieffunds for victims of #hurricaneflorence. We’ve been following #NightSpins since late 2017 and they’ve been featured prominently in previous blogs on this page. To them we offer hearty congrats and to RKS we offer #kudos on picking such a fine group to support them on their Spring adventures


RKS Spring Tour 1