The Happy Fits – KGB Bar & Lit Mag – Red Door Sessions 1-12-2018

The Happy Fits
KGB Bar & Lit Mag
Red Door Sessions

There are three elements of music.#melody,#harmony,#rhythm. So when folks get together to start a rock band they put it together with vocals, guitar, drums, cello…Stop! Cello? What’s that doing here? Electric Light Orchestrafans as well as Jeff Lynne will certainly tell you that’s nothing new however, it’s role in the happenstance formed #thehappyfits is quite unique. The Happy Fits are Luke Davis ( vocals,drums), Ross Monteith ( vocals,guitar), and Calvin Langman (vocals, cello). Starting in the Summer of 2016 to raise money for local charities while they were planning college, music in their life had other ideas. When their tune “While You Fade Away” exploded on Spotify gave them recognition, they had no choice but to go #fullthrottle with the combo.. First brought to the attention of The Music Matters by curator/promoter Pamnation who suggested (ok demanded) we view their performance this past week on Paste Music & Daytrotter live in studio feed. Astonished, we had to head into #NYC last night to see them as they were performing their first #reddoorsessions show at #kgbbar on W4th st.

The house was packed, and the entire audience seemed to know not just the lyrics but the clap and stomp routine to follow as we all rollicked through the 45 minute set. This blogger had the chance to meet and greet with all the members before and after the show. They were quite engaging to speak with and of course made us so #happy we had #fits. We look forward to watching this young band grow and wish them much #success. Please feel free to #comment and of course #follow them on social media, #share with friends too!


More about The Happy Fits –
More about Paste Music –
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