The Music Matters – Top Ten Live Music Concerts – 2017

The Music Matters
Top Ten Live Music Concerts 2017

These are the top ten live indie music concerts attended by #TheMusicMatters in 2017. They are listed not any definitive order as there are so many reasons each event was unique in it’s own way.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Rough Trade NYC

#RainbowKittenSurprise undoubtedly is our #picktoclick in #2018. This montage clip might explain why

Future Islands
Brooklyn Steel

First in a run of 3 sold out shows at the venue. Samuel T Herring one of the top frontmen is music today. To miss #FutureIslands is to truly miss out

Hippo Campus
Rough Trade NYC

Without question #HippoCampus is a #mustsee band in 2018. #Fluid#melodic, Is #delicious a music term?

Mercury Lounge

#footstops and exuberant #handclaps throughout the show. When Taylor Meier announced mid set that it was official, their first #NYC Headline was #soldout. There was #nodoubt #Caamp had won hearts throughout.

The Marcus King Band
Wild Adriatic
Wonder Bar

Openers #WIldAdriatic firmly implanted as one of this blogger’s favs. When you look up #futurestar in the dictionary, you are sure to seeing the smiling face of one #MarcusKing

#Pamnation presents
Sir Cadian Rhythm

#Sellingout this #popular #LES venue was not surprising. These fine tunesmiths are certain to see their star rise in 2018. #SirCadianRhythmanother #permanent fixture in the land of The Music Matters

The Georgia Flood
Arlene’s Grocery

This blogger has been following #TheGeorgiaFlood closely. We were #overwhelmed how their tunes translated into an outstanding live act.

The Wood Brothers
The Warehouse FTC

Lucky to get in that night as the show was #soldout. As long time #warriorsoftheroad #TheWoodBrothers never disappoint.

Wild Child
Knitting Factory Brooklyn

Who can pack them in at a venue in less than 24 hours notice? #WIldChildcan. Had the honor of conversing with #AlexanderBeggins and #TylerOsmond that evening after the show. #thrilled

Welshly Arms

The first time of many this year we #witnessed greatness of #WelshlyArms. They have grown ever since thanks to licensing and radio airplay of the destined to be classic song #Legendary.

So much great live music this year and we try to enjoy as much as possible. For all these groups we suggest you #follow them on #socialmedia such as FacebookInstagramTwitter and others. For us, we are a #proud #cardcarrying member of Pamnation and find their site a valuable resource for new exploration of #livemusic and #indierock . You should too. Looking forward to an amazing 2018 filled with #music and #funtimes

Please #comment and #share with #musiclovers #aroundtheworld

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I'm a music passionista (Yes that's a word, if not it should be)first then musician (bass guitarista ). This site is to encourage people to seek and enjoy recorded and live music. I work from the positive so, this is more informative and documentary than critical. None of the comments have been solicited nor compensation made for by the artists or other entities. Everything is from the heart. Feel free to comment, contact and of course suggest.

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