Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Rough Trade NYC – 12-5-2017 – SOLD OUT

Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Rough Trade NYC
12-5-2017 SOLD OUT

Thanks to quick fingers (show was sold out in record time when tickets become available online) The Music Matters was able to attend a unique #livemusic event last evening at #RoughTrade in #Brooklyn#RainbowKittenSurprise has been a fixture on the main stages of major festivals of late in addition to their growing legion of fans creating sell outs at the majority of their club dates. Last night, being their first NY appearance of 2017 (and last of any kind for the year) was no exception. As noted in previous blogs, we became aware of #RKS through music curator/promoter Pamnation as the band was THE number one recommendation from them.

Rolling into town with support and guidance from their long time road manager Rachel McKinney (known to followers and fans as the #RKSMomanger) the native to Boone,NC band members are:

Sam Melo – Vocalist, poetic lyricist, rhythm guitars, keyboard

Darrick “Bozzy” Keller – Colorful rhythm guitar, vocals

Ethan Goodpaster, – Searing lead guitar, vocals

Charlie Holt -Rhythmic,harmonic,melodic bass, vocals

Jess Haney – Sharp and accurate syncopation behind the kit

Unique features of this band include their camaraderie on stage as well as their delivery of the tunes as if to say “This music is our gift to you. Please enjoy”. Self described as Indie/Alternative this blogger has also heard the description “You’ll hear rock/blues/folk/country/pop/alternative and that’s just in their first song ! ” .Whatever label you’d like to give it, their tunes certainly resonate with fans who sing along word for word with every verse, chorus and chant (drummer Jess Haney kindly offered to coach the refrain of Mr. Redundant.The fans knew very well what to do).The group name truly uncommon and special. Fans and band enjoy playing with it. Even describing their merchandise as #RainbowKittenSupplies .

With an enthusiastically packed house (including a huge contingent of the #Pamnation)The band rolled through a 90 minute set consisting of favorites such as Devil Like Me, Goodnight Chicago, Seven, and First Class. They also provided an audience thirsting for more with two well deserved encores beginning with Cocaine Jesus. New material was debuted as well. The band promising an album was fully recorded and on the horizon for release.

Only news so far for 2018 is a first trip for the band overseas to perform in London in March. We have to believe a national tour is in the works in conjunction with the new music for our consumption. How high on the #Rainbow will these #Kittens fly? Nothing would #Surprise#TheMusicMatters. We recommend you #follow them closely on #socialmedia and on their #website to keep abreast with future activities of this #risingtothetop band

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More on the band http://www.rksband.com/
More on Pamnation http://www.pamnation.com/
More on The Music Matters https://musicmakeslifematter.com/

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