The Georgia Flood – Arlene’s Grocery – Oct 24th 2017

The Georgia Flood
Arlene’s Grocery
Oct 24th 2017

Last night The Music Matters had one of the great nights in this blogger’s history. Music curator/promoter Pamnation advised us on these up and coming rockers from #Atlanta earlier this year. #Thegeorgiaflood are Brooks Mason (lead guitar/vocals), Lane Kelly (bass/vocals), Damian Navarro (drums) and Gavin Deleshaw-(lead guitar). What these young men do is take various genres such as Blues/Rock etc and create their own unique driving harmonious groove. This can be evidenced in songs such as Take A Hit (their latest), The Race, and our current favorite Whistle King. A full house heard these and more at #arlenesgrocery in #NYC. This band of up and coming showmen showed us lots of maturity in the timing and execution of their songs as well as their stage presence. #industryprofessionals#takenotice as inside information tells me their soon to be released recordings are very strong and the band is weighing options. We will be keeping a close eye on these #risingstars and wish them much #futuresuccess

More about The Georgia Flood :


The Georgia Flood


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