Hollis Brown – Don DiLego – Live @ Drew’s – 9-23-2017

Hollis Brown
Don DiLego
Live @ Drew’s

House shows have become an integral part of today’s live music scene. They can provide a special experience in an intimate setting. Usually the most hardcore of the artist’s fan base are there mixed in with house show local music lovers. Last night The Music Matters ventured into Ringwood, NJ for just such an event.

Hollis Brown has been around since 2009 and features Mike Montali (lead vocals/guitar), Jonathan Bonilla (lead guitar),Andrew Zehnal (drums), Adam Bock (keyboard/vocals) , and Brian Courage (bass). A truly definitive American Rock band, they have supported such acts as The Zombies, Jackie Greene, Jesse Malin and The Heartless Bastards on tours nationally and internationally. Don Dilego, is an American singer/songwriter/producer. Both acts are great friends who have worked together in many capacities

First up #DonDiLego. Self effacing and affable, Don’s multi-talents allow him to perform any song whether his or others at will and with excellence. His unique timber vocally adds tremendous clarity to his performance. #HollisBrown was first noticed by this blogger at the Pleasantville Music Festival earlier this year when they performed on the main stage in what turned out to be a record breaking event. When Mike, Jonathan and crew do these intimate settings they perform from their catalog but, also add a set to honor an artist they love. This time it was #TomPetty. Running through TP staples such as “Refugee”, “Don’t Do Me Like That” (DILego stepped up on vocals for this one) and “American Girl” certainly made icing that topped this terrific cake of an evening.

Kudos to #LiveatDrews for providing the space and atmosphere which made it a #nighttoremember. Please be sure to #follow these artists (and Live@Drew’s) on social media to keep up with current and future events. Feel free to #comment#share#suggest

More about Hollis Brown: http://www.hollisbrown.com/
More about Don DiLego: http://dondilego.com/
More on Live at Drews https://www.facebook.com/liveatdrews/
More on the Music Matters: https://musicmakeslifematter.com/



Don and Hollis Brown

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I'm a music passionista (Yes that's a word, if not it should be)first then musician (bass guitarista ). This site is to encourage people to seek and enjoy recorded and live music. I work from the positive so, this is more informative and documentary than critical. None of the comments have been solicited nor compensation made for by the artists or other entities. Everything is from the heart. Feel free to comment, contact and of course suggest.

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