CAAMP – Doc Robinson – Mercury Lounge NYC – 9-21-2016 – SOLDOUT!!!

Doc Robinson
Mercury Lounge

Caamp’s tune “All The Debts I Owe” is number one on the official SpotifyMusic Matters playlist and with good reason. They are one of the hottest music duos touring the country right now. The Music Matters was turned on to #Caamp earlier this year when music curator/promoter Pamnation highly recommended these Columbus, Ohio based #indiefolk #footstomping#rockers. With this #LowerEastSide date firmly in the calendar for months now, this blogger also had the privilege of being joined by #Pamnation who earlier this afternoon on social media exclaimed “These guys! If you haven’t seen them yet you must. Their show gets you moving. Love them!”.Of course, when Pamnation talks, people obviously listen as the show (their first as headliners in NYC) was an official sellout.

First up for the evening were townmates turned tourmates #DocRobinson. Jonathan Elliott and Nick D’Andrea make up the duo that they self describe as backyard bbq breakup music. Their set consisted of everything from Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow”, to the pressing plant censored “Chattanooga”, to the suggestive “Ring of Love”. They were certainly well received by the packed house. Next up, our heroes #Caamp who are in real life Taylor Meier (guitar/vocals) and Evan Westfall (banjo/vocals). With the crowd roaring from the start they decimated the audience with favorites like “Hey Joe”, new tunes such as “Common Man” (for which the crowd went wild! Amazing considering it was the first time we all heard it) and closed with our favorite “All The Debts I Owe”. Of course the packed house felt they were owed more as they refused to let the duo leave the stage area cheering them back for a raucous encore. Caamp promised us a new album very soon and we will hold them to the fire on that.

While #TheMercuryLounge is one of the finest venues in NYC, this blogger sees them moving up to larger venues the next time around. They would certainly be favorites at major festivals as well. Be on the look out for both these Ohio twosomes. #Follow them on social media, on tour and please feel free to #comment and #share

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