Mishti – Weight of My Heart

Weight of My Heart

Today is a very special day for The Music Matters . This blogger has been following the career of singer/songstress Mishti for some time now. In fact, it’s this type of artist which inspires us to exist. Her natural yet unique mix of many vocal greats makes her #music a #mustlisten. We are celebrating today as the official release date of Mishti’s very first commercial recording and it’s addition to our official Spotify playlist. Produced by internationally respected musician Alex Nolan, the tune is catchy, well written, along with outstanding pop quality. It’s available for streaming, downloading, listening at your favorite musical outlets. We would love to hear your #feedback. Please #comment#share, most of all #enjoy!

More on Mishti – http://www.mishti.com/



Promo - The weight of my heart

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The Music Matters

I'm a music passionista (Yes that's a word, if not it should be)first then musician (bass guitarista ). This site is to encourage people to seek and enjoy recorded and live music. I work from the positive so, this is more informative and documentary than critical. None of the comments have been solicited nor compensation made for by the artists or other entities. Everything is from the heart. Feel free to comment, contact and of course suggest.

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