Newport Folk Festival 2017 Preview The Wild Reeds

Newport Folk Festival 2017
The Wild Reeds
Appearance time: Friday July 28th 12PM on the Harbor stage

Bandmates : Kinsey Lee (vocals, various instruments), Mackenzie Howe(vocals, various instruments),Sharon Silva(vocals, various instruments), Nick Phakpiseth (bass), Nick Jones (drums)
Hometown: Los Angeles

Touring to support their Dualtone Music Group debut album The World We Built, The Wild Reeds are a #mustsee at this year’s #NewportFolkFestival. Full, clear as crystal harmonies are the signature of this #indiefolk. band from LA. Brought to the attention of The Music Matters by promoter/curator Pamnation, live the band will showcase uniquely styled singing by each of the lead three backed by solid rhythm section of the two Nicks.Want some previews? Check out their well viewed videoed appearances on #KEXP#Audiotreelive,#JamintheVan and so many more. Better yet, get down to Newport RI this weekend and see them upfront and personal for yourself.



band pic

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